Clause 4 (Relevant donations)

“Relevant benefits”: donations

4.—(1) For the purposes of paragraph (a) of the definition of “relevant benefits” set out in section 3(2), donations are to be treated as connected with a represented registered party where they are donations which are accepted in accordance with Part 4 of the 2000 Act by—

(a)     the party;

(b)     a member of the party;

(c)     a members’ association where the membership of the association consists wholly or mainly of members of the party;

(d)     a holder of relevant elective office where, at the election for that office—

(i)    the person elected was authorised to use a description likely to lead electors to associate the person to the party, and

(ii)    that authorisation was given by a certificate issued by or on behalf of the registered nominating officer of the party.

(2) A relevant benefit which is a donation accrues—

(a)     from the permissible donor who made it; and

(b)     when the donation is accepted by the donee.

(3) In this section—

“donations” has the same meaning as in Part 4 of the 2000 Act (see also section 161 of the 2000 Act);

“members’ association” has the meaning given in paragraph 1(6) of Schedule 7 to the 2000 Act;

“nominating officer” means the person registered under the 2000 Act as the officer with responsibility for the matters referred to in section 24(3) of that Act in respect of a represented registered party;

“permissible donor” has the same meaning as in Part 4 of the 2000 Act;

“relevant elective office” has the meaning given in paragraph 1(8) of Schedule 7 to the 2000 Act.

Explanatory Note
Clause 4 brings all the different arms of a party operation under one umbrella.  For example, donating or making a loan to an MP directly would be counted under the limit for that MP’s party to avoid “displacement” funding taking place once the provisions of the Bill are in force.  Likewise, donations to “Green Liberal Democrats” would count as a donation to the Liberal Democrats.

4 thoughts on “Clause 4 (Relevant donations)

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