Clause 25 (Provision for review)

Provision for review

25.—(1) The Secretary of State must make arrangements—

(a)     for a committee to carry out a review of the effects of this Act on funding and expenditure for political purposes; and

(b)     for the findings of the review to be published.

(2) Arrangements under subsection (1)(a) are to be made—

(a)     no later than 1st January 2016; and

(b)     on each two-year anniversary of that date.


Explanatory Note
Clause 25 reflects the Committee on Standards in Public Life’s recommendation that there should be a review undertaken after two years.  However, since the Bill introduces the provisions recommended by the Committee more slowly, the first review would take place in the third year, one year before the donation cap was reduced to £25,000.  It is of course up to the CSPL to undertake as many reviews as it wishes, as often or as infrequently as it likes.  The draft Clause simply seeks to reflect the spirit of the CSPL report.

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