Clause 23 (Election addresses)

Free delivery of candidate election addresses


(1) Subsection (2) and Part 1 of Schedule 3 apply in relation to—

(a) parliamentary elections; and

(b) elections to the European Parliament.

(2) Each candidate at an election to which this subsection applies is entitled (subject to and in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Schedule 3) to have an election address prepared on behalf of the candidate included in a booklet of election addresses which is—

(a) prepared by the returning officer; and

(b) sent by that officer by post to each person entitled to vote at that election.

(3) Part 2 of Schedule 3 (which repeals and revokes enactments superseded by subsections (1) and (2)) has effect.

Explanatory Note
Clause 23 and Schedule 3 provide for free delivery of election addresses for each candidate or party list in elections to the UK Parliament or to the European Parliament, but for these to be aggregated in a booklet, as presently happens for Mayoral elections and elections to the Greater London Authority.  Recent parliamentary answers suggest that this could save some £47.5m over the six years of a Parliamentary/European Parliamentary cycle.  The table on page four illustrates these figures in more detail.  Additional savings could be found by legislating to subject devolved elections to the same arrangement.

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