Clause 2 (Parties to which rules apply)

2. Meaning of “represented registered party”

.—(1) For the purposes of this Act, a party registered under Part 2 of the 2000 Act is “a represented registered party” if the first and second conditions are met in respect of the party.

(2) The first condition is that there are at least two members of any one of the following legislatures who belong to the registered party—

(a)     the House of Commons;

(b)     a devolved legislature; or

(c)     the European Parliament.

(3) The second condition is that each of those members—

(a)     has complied with such preliminary requirements (such as the taking of an oath or a declaration of interests) as members of that legislature are required to comply with in order to participate fully in its proceedings; and

(b)     is not disqualified from sitting or voting in that legislature.

This Clause defines which parties will be covered both by the new regulatory regime in the Bill, and also by the provisions for reallocated public funding. In the present draft, it includes those with two or members in any one of the following: the House of Commons; a devolve legislature; or the European Parliament. It may be appropriate to exclude those with only European Parliament representation, since there is already substantial public funding to the European parties. However, this would mean such parties would also not be subject to the same restrictions on donations. We welcome views on how best to approach this issue.

2 thoughts on “Clause 2 (Parties to which rules apply)

  1. Am I reading this correctly, that a Party is only considered Registered if it has at least two members in any single legislature? That is, a party with one MP, one MSP, one MA, one MLA, and one MEP would not be considered Registered since it only has a single member in each body, while a party with two MEPs would? While I can see the reasoning behind this in terms of only having limited influence at each level, the widespread influence of such a Party may be worthy (at least in public eyes) of Registration. Perhaps the threshold should be extended, such that any Party with two or more members in a single legislature or three or more members in these legislatures combined should be considered Registered.

  2. In your last paragraph above, 3rd line I think the word “more” is missing. Surely you mean “those with two or more members”

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